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AI Leadership Research
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What is feedly.com?

Feedly.com is a website that provides a comprehensive platform designed to aid users in discovering and tracking reputable sources of information, leading to enhanced understanding and profound insights into evolving market dynamics. This platform enables individuals to consolidate their trusted sources, ranging from academic research journals, business and technology publications, prominent newspapers, and YouTube channels to specialized industry periodicals, independent bloggers, and newsletters. A notable feature of Feedly is its employment of Feedly AI, a suite of machine learning models meticulously designed to automatically gather, assess, and facilitate the sharing of actionable insights drawn from an extensive array of sources in real-time. Feedly AI encompasses a diverse selection of pre-trained models that streamline tasks encompassing research and intelligence gathering, spanning domains like threat intelligence, market analysis, risk assessment, biopharmaceutical research, and more. An additional advantage is the capacity to customize Feedly AI to eliminate superfluous information and prioritize subjects, occurrences, and trends of personal significance. Feedly ensures data security and privacy, furnishing users with a secure environment to organize and delve into pertinent topics and trends. It's worth noting that Feedly operates on a community-funded basis, allowing them to concentrate on optimizing users' time rather than deploying strategies to capture attention through their feed.

How much does feedly.com cost?

As indicated on the official Feedly website, the pricing structure for Feedly.com is contingent upon the specific plan chosen, with four distinct options available: Free, Pro, Pro+, and Business.

Under the Free plan, users can access up to 100 sources, organizing them into 3 feeds, while also enjoying fundamental features like article saving, content sharing, and content discovery. This plan is provided at no cost.

The Pro plan offers unrestricted access to sources and feeds, coupled with advanced functionalities like accelerated updates, robust search capabilities, seamless integration with third-party applications, note-taking and highlighting features, among others. This plan is available for a subscription fee of $6 per month or an annual fee of $60.

For the Pro+ plan, users can access an expanded set of features, encompassing an AI-driven research assistant, the inclusion of mute filters, team boards, team-oriented newsletters, and priority customer support. The Pro+ plan is priced at $8.25 per month or $99 annually.

Tailored to teams and organizations requiring streamlined collaboration and information sharing, the Business plan encompasses all the attributes of the Pro+ plan. In addition, it introduces administrative controls, user management tools, single sign-on (SSO) functionality, customized branding options, and a dedicated customer success manager. This comprehensive package is offered at a rate of $18 per user per month, or $180 per user annually.

What are the benefits of feedly.com?

Utilizing Feedly.com offers several advantageous features:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By centralizing all trusted sources within a single platform, Feedly.com aids in saving time and mitigating the risk of information overload.
  • Tailored Customization: The tool permits users to personalize their feeds and topics, aligning content consumption with individual interests and inclinations.
  • Content Exploration: Through Feedly.com, users gain access to a diverse array of fresh and pertinent content spanning various domains and industries.
  • Collaborative Capacity: The platform facilitates seamless information sharing and collaboration within teams or networks, fostering joint efforts on projects and research endeavors.
  • Privacy and Security: Users enjoy a secure and private digital environment, affording ownership and control over their personal information.

Incorporating Feedly.com into workflows can lead to increased efficiency, personalized content curation, expanded content discovery, enhanced collaboration, and ensured data privacy.

How does feedly.com work?

Here is a step-by-step guide outlining the process of utilizing Feedly.com:

  • Account Creation or Sign-In:
      To commence, you can either create a new account on Feedly.com or utilize existing credentials from Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft to sign in.
  • Source Selection:
      Following authentication, you can begin by selecting the sources of information you wish to track. Explore diverse categories such as business, technology, science, health, education, and more. You also have the option to search for specific sources using keywords, URLs, or names. You're free to add numerous sources to your feed.
  • Source Organization into Collections:
      Subsequently, you can organize your chosen sources into collections, which group together sources sharing common themes or topics. For instance, you might establish collections for biopharma research, market intelligence, and personal development. The flexibility to create multiple collections, each with distinct colors and icons for quick identification, is available.
  • Feed Reading:
      Once organized, you can start perusing your feed. Access it seamlessly across various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. The Feedly app for Android and iOS is also accessible for offline reading. Customization options such as diverse layouts, fonts, themes, and more are at your disposal.
  • Leveraging Feedly AI:

  To further enrich your feed, you can harness the capabilities of Feedly AI. This compilation of machine learning models autonomously aggregates, evaluates, and aids in sharing actionable insights derived from an extensive array of sources in real-time. With Feedly AI, you can achieve the following:
  - Uncover fresh sources and subjects pertinent to your interests and aspirations.
  - Discard irrelevant information and prioritize credible and significant content.
  - Monitor prevailing trends and pivotal occurrences shaping your industry and market.
  - Condense lengthy articles into key takeaways and pivotal points.
  - Formulate questions and answers based on any article to assess understanding.
  - Share your insights with colleagues or audiences through platforms like email, social media, Slack, and others.

This overview provides a comprehensive understanding of the functional aspects of Feedly.com.

What are the limitations of feedly.com?

Feedly.com offers a valuable service for tracking the subjects and trends of personal interest; however, it's important to recognize certain limitations associated with the platform:

  • Paid Service Model: While a basic plan is available without charge, it comes with certain constraints, including a cap of 100 sources, lack of offline access, absence of integrations with external applications, and exclusion of advanced features like Leo or automation. For access to these enhanced attributes, an upgrade to the pro or pro+ plan is required, with respective costs of $6 or $8.25 per month.
  • Content Display Focus: Feedly.com functions as a content organizer rather than a comprehensive news aggregator. It doesn't provide editorial or curation services, and original content isn't part of its offerings. Instead, it presents content from the sources users designate. Users are responsible for sourcing and adding content, as well as filtering out extraneous information.
  • Non-Social Media Platform: Feedly.com doesn't function as a social media platform. It lacks interactive features such as commenting, liking, or following other users. While users can share insights within their team or network, this is only possible if they also use Feedly.com or its compatible integrations. Direct connection to popular social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter isn't supported.
  • API Limitations: If employing a developer token for access to the Feedly.com API, certain limitations arise. The API facilitates programmatic access and manipulation of feeds. However, the use of a developer token is subject to rate limitations—50 API calls per day for pro and pro+ accounts. This restricts the ability to undertake resource-intensive tasks, like frequent feed syncing with external apps or services.

Understanding these limitations offers a more comprehensive perspective on Feedly.com's functionality and scope.

Revolutionize leadership research with Feedly's AI, case studies, and machine learning. Join now!

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